by musik soda

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musik soda 1st mini album
This is remastering


released March 9, 2013

all lyric by 9216
all composed,arranged by kenji

recorded & mixed by yoshikazu madokoro
mastered by kenji

recorded & mixed studio at fukuda studio




all rights reserved


musik soda Japan

This is musiksoda from Japan

programming...kenji hamada

alternative electro post rock

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Track Name: breath
the breath leads to time and ideals
and the dis expresses vanity of mind
there's a lot of death behide me
and there's not life
it's the same as dying to return

dyspnea weaken my progress
my retreat speed becomes fast

it's slow too late
even if struggle and cry
too thin too useless
too empty
to scheme escape from here

if i keep will surely
light will be reflected in the glass of feelings in me
and shows me the whereabouts of the glory
when i see it the truth will come out

my breath awakes
and my faith erase this dark
i believe that light is an answer of this dark

i have to survive
when i can reach the hope that i demand

the ice insime my mind will melt
and my breath becomes the breaze and loses my eyesight
heat and cold here

my breath erases this dark...
Track Name: sun
if the soul changed the world
if the sorrow changed into the word
if the sun changed into the ground

i can't crouch down at the world end
there's not a meaning
but it's only a short-lived dream
why is only here a ghetto and isn't here free?

mirage is fading out when i feel dry
the sun is white hell and burns all
i'm driven to a long way off
and i feel that all is pain
i wait for dazzling light

nothing in a true way
i wait for a light to feel delight
but the sun burns my dreams and my hope is erased
my tears won't remain

i feel that world end
Track Name: how long have I Walked??
What I've believed and I've felt
There's a meaning in the all
I've waited for the truth
I arrive at here first
Why have I walked
Because only new dawn and light has waited for the truth

How long have I walked
To get what I've wanted
I'm sure what I've grasp is right

There're few changes and there begins to be the distance into my view
The brilliant lights erasing most shade let me watch a scene of new dawn

The dawn didn't come only by waiting


You can never get away from this darkness
Are you a resident of this side?
You are out of order to go to such a bright place

Darkness is suitable for you
Aren't you a human being liking light?
You obtain such a cheep glory?

And are you satisfied?
That's not the place where you step in

Welcone to the new world
How about your feelings?
What did you obtain to here?
What is the thing which you held carefully till you arrive at here?
I teach the meaning of atruthWatch your past once again here
And think twice about what you leave in search of from now on here

Even if I walk earnestly single-mindedly to know all
There was not the meaning

Guten Morgen
Guten Tag
Guten Abend
Auf Wiedersehen

Then I go